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Biomass Briquettes

Biomass Briquettes are basically biofuel substitute to coal. Biomass Briquettes are prepared using organic wastes through effective techniques at our end. Biomass Briquettes are proved to be the best fuel for electricity generation, heat, and cooking as these are economical and have high calorific value.

Highlights :
  • Pollution Free due to there is no sulfur or any hazardous contain
  • Lower ash contain 2-5 % there is no fly ash when burn
  • Has high burning efficiency due to the low moisture
  • Contains high density & higher fix carbon value
  • Easy transportation, Feeding and combustion due to its unique shape
  • Highly demanded in the markets due to high rise in fossil fuel prices
  • Economical and cheaper than other solid fuel i.e. coal and wood
  • Higher Thermal calorific value around 3800 Kcal / Kg

Applications of Gaurav Biomass Briquettes :
  • Gasifier systems
  • Solvent extraction plant
  • Refractory industry
  • Dyeing unit
  • Milk plants
  • Textile plants
  • Spinning mills
  • Brick making units
  • Industrial Applications :
    • Chemical
    • Ceramic
    • Foodprocessing
    • Lamination
    • Leather
    • Rubber

Product Details :
  • Place of Origin : India
  • Brand Name : Gaurav